The Gift of Captivating Customer Care

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“Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.” ~ Bryant McGill, author

Have you been contemplating the best gift to give to your clients this holiday season?  I’ll give you a hint as to what they want almost more than anything:  top level care in every transaction, communication and experience.

Consumer complaints about poor service have become increasingly prevalent throughout social media and other communication channels.   Customers have said they receive poor service considerably more often than they receive excellent service and it doesn’t matter the industry or whether it is in person, online or multi-channel shopping.  Some have said that although they find it unacceptable, they almost expect to receive poor service because it has become the norm.


Shifting Gears for an Amazing Customer Experience

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The arrival of Year 2018 is a few weeks away; but if you look closely, you can see it hovering over the horizon trying to burst through for a grand entrance.  NOW is the time to shift gears and to finalize your thoughts, ideas, and plans for crafting your company’s customer service philosophy (a description of the practices of how you’ll offer unparalleled internal and external service).

“Shifting gears” means thinking differently from others…that’s what innovation is all about.  Think big…think about whether your company puts the customer first at all times.  It’s about letting your team know your expectation of EVERYONE rolling up their sleeves to work smarter and to continuously seek opportunities to improve AND create stellar customer experiences.


Time…An Irreplaceable and Precious Commodity

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Isn’t it interesting that we cannot physically store time away for later use but we can “spend” it in myriad of ways?  We do it all of the time.  We spend time:

* on frozen websites

* on hold waiting for problem resolutions

* in TSA airport lines

* in traffic jams

* waiting to see the doctor/dentist/financial advisor/attorney

* waiting for the washing machine repair person

* taking extra long breaks at the water cooler socializing with colleagues

We “spend” time doing (and not doing) many things but it is the savvy business person who understands that time is irreplaceable, manages it wisely, and quickly grows weary of anyone who would dare waste their time due to unpreparedness and tardiness.


Making Thoughtful Moves to Satisfy Your Client

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You have the skill to dig deep and visualize how to create spectacular experiences for your clients.  You understand that great service is a form of self expression; therefore, it is vital that your team embodies the company’s reputation as they engage with clients.

It’s almost 2018 and time to reflect on the current year.  Look at what you’ve created (the value of what you offer) and see it for what it is, what it means to your client and what it reflects to the community.


Great News!  Your Clients Want to Talk to You

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Surprisingly, “free” is not the most desired word that your clients want to hear from you… “thank you for letting us serve you”, “the cable technician is running early; is ‘now’ a good time for her to stop by?”, “we will deliver your sofa on schedule”, ”tell me how I can make things better for you”, “we have inventory to completely fill your order”.

If you see a pattern here, it’s because the focus is about accommodating the consumer…when that happens, you will establish a pattern for building great relationships and becoming known as the company who gives terrific service.