Interview Skills

Most people who are granted an interview have already satisfied the basic qualifications for employment. However, poor interview performances can keep prospective employees from being hired.

The fundamental goal of an interview is to engage in dialogue to determine whether a mutual connection is made and what next steps should be taken, if any, to advance the interview process.

Learning Objectives
  • Practice interviewing with business personnel and gain experience for interviewing
  • Participants will receive feedback on their interview and become better prepared for their next interview
  • Ask high quality questions
  • Proper note taking during the interview
  • Interview etiquette
Lesson Outcomes
  • Discuss the importance of good interviewing techniques
  • Discuss the stages of an interview
  • Identify and address frequently asked interview questions
  • Complete appropriate follow-up correspondences
  • Respond to difficult interview questions
  • Conduct an interview
  • Learn about researching companies
  • Apply winning interviewing techniques



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