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Elite Customer Service delivers world-class customer service skill-building programs. Our best customers are organizations who are committed to building a loyal customer base, increasing profits, and improving employee morale.

Elite Customer Service, LLC is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based certified women and minority owned consulting firm that provides customer service and business etiquette training and coaching. We work with businesses all over the globe and specialize in multi-cultural workplace training for diversity and inclusion.



Colette Douglas Professional Speaker

Training & Coaching

Customer service and etiquette training for your entire workforce and one-on-one coaching to motivate the team.

Seminars & Workshops

Customized sessions targeted to your corporate mission. Your workforce will learn how to create and maintain a customer-focused experience.

Keynote Speaking

Topics relating to customer care; Developing a corporate culture on the customer experience; Diversity and Inclusion.

Advance Your High Schooler’s Career with Training

Jobs are competitive. Give your teen the edge in job searching with these classes:

Advance Your High Schoolers Career Training
Professional Keynote Speaker Colette Douglas of Elite Customer Service

What is the Elite Customer Service Philosophy?

Every business and organization strives for a consistently positive customer experience.

We believe it is important to be intuitive about customers’ needs. We demonstrate how to fulfill that necessity before they ask. Your employees are encouraged to be proactive and approach prospects, customers, and clients rather than wait to be approached.

We teach that in order to set yourself apart from your competition all employees should act like they own the business.

How can you retain your best clients?

Capture & keep ideal clients by consistently executing outstanding customer care

Exceed customer satisfaction goals and increase brand loyalty

  • Sales Revenue
  • Expand Profit Margins
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Customer Retention

Elite Customer Service Strategy:

  1. Explore current customer satisfaction results.
  2. Review and implement solutions to increase brand loyalty.
  3. Create a mindset dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.
  4. Open lines of communication between internal and external company teams.

Advance Your High Schooler’s Career with Training

Jobs are competitive. Give your teen the edge in job searching with these classes:

No More “We have always done it that way”

There are always solutions to problems — even when it seems at first there is not

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My experience with Colette has been exceptional and eye opening. She is not only passionate but is genuinely concerned about helping her clients map out and reach their goals.
A. Sneed

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