Release Your Upbeat and Innovative Customer Service Skills


During a recent conversation I had with a friend, she said, ““When I call a company (she gave me the name), most of the time I am dissatisfied and get angry about being put on hold for an inordinate amount of time.  Then when someone comes on the line, I land up getting terrible service.”   She said, “In some situations, when I contact them via email, it is even worse.”

When was the last time you walked into a brick and mortar establishment and were welcomed with genuine enthusiasm?   Did the receptionist display authentic interest as she/he greeted you?  Did they introduce themselves and ask your name?

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Pursue a Passion for Customer Service in 2016

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” ~ Aristotle

Now and in the future, customer experiences will focus on emotions, not logic.  In any given sales or service situation, employees choose their own behavior for the best possible outcome for the customer experience.  We should treat consumers the way they want to be treated—and primarily that means they want to be respected and they want to be listened to without interruption.

For too many years, the customer service industry has been guided by archaic rules and processes that don’t suit today’s digital age.  It is important that every organization’s updated customer service philosophy and vision be read, understood, embraced and fervently practiced by your frontline staff, managers, volunteers and the entire C-Suite.   It is equally important to articulate your company’s expectations for ensuring a positive customer experience with every interaction.

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It is A New Year and New Opportunities Abound 


Isn’t it exciting to experience a new year with new opportunities to share your customer service philosophy with consumers and to give them outstanding customer experiences at every turn ?

Maybe in 2015 you experienced a few negative reviews or customer service complaints.  But think of it this way: your organization has a new opportunity to review and re-evaluate the training curricula you provide your employees.  You see, I believe that a customer complaint should be used as a springboard for a teachable moment to staff and C-Suite alike.  Never waste the moment !

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Time Ran Out for Desperate Family

It is a rare occurrence for an airline pilot to return to the gate once it has pulled away, not to mention almost reaching the point to take off and returning to the gate.  Well, that is exactly what happened for an Arizona family who gave thanks and praise to the pilot and Delta Airlines for delaying takeoff so that they could board the plane to be on time to make their father’s funeral.

Missing the flight was no fault of the family.  A 90-minute delay in their flight from Phoenix did not give them enough time to make a connecting flight so that they could be on time to board the Memphis flight.  Memphis is where they would say their last “goodbyes” to their father at his funeral which was scheduled for the following morning.  If the pilot had not made the decision to return to the gate, they would have been devastated and missed it.  You see, that was the last flight of the day to Memphis.

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