Don’t Panic…You Can Hit Your Year End Revenue Goal

It’s October.  Fiscal fourth quarter is the final chance to successfully complete your plan and support your company’s revenue targets.  If you are worried about hitting your goal before year end, you are not alone.  A lot of folks are anxious this time of year, with the start of holiday festivities, spending time with family and friends, upcoming vacations, and…hitting their goals.

Here’s a strategy to help get you back on track and knock your goal out of the park. 

Remember, buyers behave differently in fiscal Q4 than during the rest of the year.  So, if companies have a budget policy of “use it or lose it”, you stand a good chance of selling the right product at the right price in the nick of time.  

With all of that said, be gracious…give them an amazing experience and avoid the hard sell…that won’t get you any closer to achieving your goal.

By following the steps that we’ve shared, you will enjoy the holidays with peace of mind and will look forward to a prosperous new year.



Employees Are a Company’s Most Important Asset

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During one of my recent training sessions, several participants were surprised to hear me say that employees, not customers, are a company’s most valued asset.  Customers are second.

When employees understand and champion the corporate mission, vision, and core values, their work will reflect what they believe in.  They will be engaged and motivated…in fact, they’ll give such incredible experiences that customers will want to keep coming back to buy more goods and services.  Employees are the key to creating loyal customers and an endless referral source.

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Bright Ideas to Satisfy Your Customer 

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Customer service is the lifeblood of every organization.  Maintaining a feasible pre- and post-sale customer experience strategy will help launch team sales into first place in your company’s overall goals.  While there is no secret code on how to acquire quality customers, we know that investing time and effort to develop a plan surely helps.  Today, we’ll talk about ideas on how to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Consider this:

> Target a specific customer base who would appreciate you sending personalized video emails which, by the way, is an excellent way to give specific and detailed responses to questions and problems.

> You should know what social media outlets your clients use.  Make sure you are present on them and offering tips, suggestions, remedies, and foresight…be the thought leader in your industry.  Remember, over the last few years, channels other than the telephone has risen:  Chat – 43%, Online communities – 39% and Web self-service – 18%.

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Want to Offer Better Customer Service? Check Your Nutrition Plan

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Corporate gold standards empower management and employees to proactively act on situations in order to give clients uninterrupted superior service.  Believer it or not, without a balanced nutrition plan, this could become a daunting task.

A Harvard Medical School blog reported a correlation between a diet high in refined sugars and symptoms of mood disorders.   Our nutrition habits have everything to do with our mental and emotional disposition toward others.  With that said, it is reasonable to conclude that a healthful nutrition plan is a contributing factor for creating a successful customer service program.

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Managing Sensitive Customer Issues

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Your busy day didn’t have room in it but it happened.  That “special” client presented another problem that has to be resolved—immediately and to his satisfaction.  Typically, you are the “go to person” who knows how to put him in the best mood, negotiate a resolution that leaves everyone happy, and wish him a pleasant adieu until the next visit.

But is your entire team as polished as you when it comes to these kinds of situations? Are they empowered to resolve sensitive problems…to please the client at an acceptable level without “giving away the store”?

Exceptional service never takes a holiday, so incorporate problem-resolution vignettes in your weekly sales meetings.  Try this one and allow 15 minutes for your employees to huddle and formulate the best answers:

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