Two Words: Office Etiquette

So…your colleague decided to heat up last evening’s dinner in the microwave for lunch today.  The problem?  He had baked potato, broccoli AND salmon.  Now, the office has a pungent odor, clients are commenting about the “peculiar” smell and YOU have to explain how they should look beyond the distraction and focus on the meeting with you.

Yikes!  How is it that some employees have either forgotten all about office etiquette or carelessly consider only their interests?

Let’s get specific.  Put yourself on the receiving end of this colleague, Joe, and tell me how you would feel:

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Give Clients “Wow” Moments in Customer Experience

According to Gartner, customer experience will be the main battleground for competing companies over the next two years.  When you have laser beam focus on ensuring your clients enjoy the best quality, ambience, accommodation, convenience and service, your competition has little power to persuade them to leave you.

The Ritz Carlton employs a phenomenal method for providing ongoing red carpet service to all of its guests. Their credo states that they are a place where genuine care and comfort of their guests is their highest mission.

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Executive Requires Direct Reports to Focus on Service

“When did we become so casual in our attitude about the poor delivery of exceptional customer service?  Who gave you permission to stop giving our clients red carpet customer experiences?”

Those were the opening statements (questions) that an executive asked his direct reports in a recent meeting.  I cannot begin to tell you the high level of nervousness and seat twitching that permeated the room.

Apparently, a client contacted the executive and sharply criticized his organization and staff for a horrible customer experience.  That communication was followed by several other clients who shared a similar passion about less than stellar service.

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Employees Are the Link to Customer Engagement

Almost all companies host semi-annual or annual business planning conferences to bring together senior-level managers from units and divisions from across the company and develop goals and strategies to improve business and increase profit margins. Yet few companies undertake a similar process to discuss how to engage with customers — the lifeblood of all companies.

The CEO of a particular Fortune 500 company’s direct involvement in customer engagement sparked a company-wide dialogue about how dramatically customer behavior had improved employee morale, production AND the profit margin…in that order.

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Mediocrity is the Enemy of Leadership & Success

So…you couldn’t just “let it go”.  You are a supervisor observing your employee first ignoring then giving mediocre service to a prospect who is about to walk out the door, no sale.  The scene did not settle well with you so you intervened and provided exactly what the prospect needed resulting in her becoming a customer.  Your keen proficiency created a memorable customer experience that is now connected to your company brand.

Mediocrity is the enemy of success and employee training MUST stress that on several levels.  Your staff has to get in the habit of asking themselves, “What am I doing today that will make my customer want to do business with me and NOT with my competitor?”.

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