The Winning Hand in Customer Service

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Everybody wants a winning hand in card games—let’s face it…they want to WIN not lose!!

Customers also want a winning hand.  They love it when you ask pertinent questions that help them make decisions before buying your products and services.  They want to feel good about their purchases (no buyer’s remorse!).

Successful organizations make it clear to all of their employees that they are on a winning team.  They believe in the efficacy of the customer experience and understand how to deliver exceptional service to every prospect, customer, client, co-worker, patient, student, passenger (you get the idea!!).

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When you are not getting the results you envisioned for your business, begin by talking with and teaching your team about the importance of customer engagement.  What is customer engagement?  Simply put, it is the connection a business makes with its customers via various communication channels online or offline; understanding how to measure customer service and accurately interpret data derived from metrics for the purpose of delivering amazing customer experiences on a consistent basis.  Higher degrees of customer engagement means a deeper commitment of time given to customers and emotions invested in them.

How do you know if you have successfully engaged your customers?

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Summertime is Here – Meet Your New Clients!

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Summertime!!!  It’s the favorite season for millions of people.

It seems that people are more cheerful when the weather is warm–the sun is bright and picnics fill the parks with laughter, food and games!  Almost everyone is wearing loud fun colors that seemingly put them in happier moods.  Some people say they are more active during the summer months so they feel less guilty about overindulging their appetites.

I say, get on board with your clients’ happy moods.  Find out more about them and their families.  Ask them if they feel they’re getting the service they deserve at your company.  If they are not, ask them to be specific about what makes them dissatisfied.  Listen with intention…then tell them how you will take steps take to improve the service AND FOLLOW UP WITH THEM within a reasonable timeframe to let them know what you and your team have done to correct the problem(s).

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Does Your Customer Service Stand Out?

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I live for teaching and speaking about how to give outstanding, knock-your-socks-off customer service.  I share ideas on how to expand company profit margins, increase employee morale/productivity, how to retain existing customers and get new ones.

For many years, I have spoken about the importance of knowing your customer.  It’s the best way to anticipate their needs, fulfill their wants and to get in front of and solve potential problems.  Some businesses claim they know the secret to winning customers.  They say it’s the quality of their product or service, however, a Walker study shows that by year 2020 (less than 3 years from now), the customer experience will overtake price and product as THE key brand differentiator—and you HAVE to know HOW to deliver that experience and one of the ways is to understand how to manage the digital experience.

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Are You Measuring Up to Amazing Customer Service Expectations?

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A company hired me to consult with their managers who were having difficulty satisfying customers.  The managers told me, “We do the best we can to satisfy clients!  What do they expect us to do, walk on water?”

My response:  No, they want you to rock their world by:

(1) Giving them your UNDIVIDED attention when they are talking to you.

(2) Not being too quick to assess their situation (don’t assume you know what your client is going to say).  Customers want you to be PATIENT with them.  When a client doesn’t know what they don’t know, it may take them longer to convey what they want YOU to know about their situation.

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