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During one of my recent training sessions, several participants were surprised to hear me say that employees, not customers, are a company’s most valued asset.  Customers are second.

When employees understand and champion the corporate mission, vision, and core values, their work will reflect what they believe in.  They will be engaged and motivated…in fact, they’ll give such incredible experiences that customers will want to keep coming back to buy more goods and services.  Employees are the key to creating loyal customers and an endless referral source.

Reports estimate that employees spend approximately one third of their waking hours at work.  If they are unhappy in their environment, it is unlikely that they will deliver any acceptable level of service for external OR internal customers.

To make employees the primary focus of your organization, begin by creating a corporate culture where employees not only love coming to work, but will share with friends about the experiences they have working for a company whose leadership is not afraid to think and conduct business “outside the box”.

Believing in your staff and investing in training programs to improve their knowledge and skill set establishes the groundwork for building strong future leadership and developing key employees.  Tell your team that they are number one.  Give them the respect they deserve.  Empower them.  Make sure they understand that employee satisfaction is a company priority. 

Like with anything else, practice makes perfect.  Never give up on doing what is right for your most valued asset.  

Make it a great day and remain exceptional !

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