Don’t Let Seasonal Changes Affect Your Customer Service Delivery

We are entering the autumn season which means that some businesses have already planned  adjustments that have to be made to accommodate customers, patients, passengers and guests to ensure continued positive a experience.

During certain seasons, some businesses experience activity spurts such as hospitals and doctor offices that see more patients due to the allergy and flu season.  They understand the importance of keeping staff, patients and others updated on unexpected changes that can make the difference between providing an amazing patient experience and increased patient complaints.

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Precious Commodities: Time & Money; Don’t Waste Either

Those who know me best know that I abhor the notion of my time being wasted.  Time is precious and cannot be recovered or replaced because of its finality.  Money on the other hand, can be recovered although it may take considerable time to make up what you lost, the possibility remains.

I have long coached clients and mentors on the importance of developing and implementing a laser-focused plan for ANY goal that they want to accomplish.  Record your top priorities and break down the steps in which you will accomplish them.

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Labor Day is a holiday dedicated to picnics, end-of-summer vacations, family reunions and “off to college” celebrations.  But Americans also reflect on the hard work and contributions they have made to accommodate customers, shareholders/investors, employees, suppliers, vendors, and even volunteers for the purpose of deciding what is working well and what needs to improve–for themselves.

In talking with a sample of executives, mid-level managers, and frontline employees, I learned that some of them feel undervalued and unappreciated; in fact, some have confessed that they are miserable and often loathe the arrival of Monday mornings.

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What Kills Your Productivity at Work?

As far as you are concerned, you are putting in a yeoman’s effort to get the job done, but as life would have it, you simply are not hitting your goals.

So…what is preventing you from being the top notch producer at work?  Survey results from, Harris Interactive, and The Office Workplace study give different reasons for not “hitting the mark” at the office.

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There is NOTHING Like Refreshing Customer Service

At some point, we have all received poor customer service and have almost come to the point to expect an unpleasant experience wherever we shop for products and services.

So, you can imagine the refreshing glee I had when friends and I recently dined at a restaurant celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday.  The entire dining experience was one that we all said we would remember for many years — from the well-lit parking lot, to the crowd management in the hostess area to the fine meal we each enjoyed.

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