The Power of Poor Customer Service


I have had the privilege to speak to many organizations in various places to talk about providing exceptional customer service to every customer every time. A few times I received feedback from the audience stating that providing consistent exceptional customer service every time is a “common sense” act. I agree, it is a common sense act. The problem is that this “common sense” act is not implemented in many customer service transactions resulting in a loss of customer base, reduced profit margin, and producing low employee morale.

What does low employee morale have to do with poor customer service? If corporate profits suffer as result of a loss of its customer base, it is very possible that this will result in reduced/eliminated employee raises, reduced/eliminated profit sharing checks, bonuses, and other employee perks. These factors can have an adverse affect on an employee’s frame of reference on how they perform their jobs which, in turn, directly affects their customer service delivery.

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