Outrageously, Amazing Service

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Picture it…Your new advertising campaign was a major success and now scores of new prospects are flocking to your website, many more are calling on the phone and visiting your brick and mortar store.  What happens now?  How were they greeted when they landed on your website or walked into your store?  Could they navigate your site with ease? What happened when they exited your brick-and-mortar store/website?  Is your team feeling overwhelmed by the new found success or did you have a plan in place?

Providing outrageously, amazing service is all about creating a process and establishing mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships.  It is not uncommon for some businesses to have clients that are far reaching generational relationships because of an initial foundation that was built on trust, competency, and exceptional service.

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Value Customer Service – It’s the Heartbeat of the Company

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Adapting to seemingly ever-changing client whims is no different from adapting to life challenges in general.  Successful business owners accept inevitable changes—they quickly adapt and, when necessary, re-evaluate their brand, product, service, strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.  Adjustments are a fact of life and a certainty in business.

Sharing a few thoughts:

– Know your industry better that anyone.  It’s up to you to manage customers’ expectations.  In other words, it’s your job to showcase the company’s value proposition and to make it so memorable that consumers will know exactly what your business offers and how it is different from the competition.  In the busy online and brick-and-mortar marketplace, make sure your business has a trait that is worth remembering, pursuing, and buying. Read more

The Stories Customers Tell About Service

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During a recent gathering of friends, we had an opportunity to talk about our experiences in customer care from various industries.  Some of the testimonies were experienced by most of us, however, one stood out: the chef who stabbed cooked meat with a cleaver, dangled the stabbed meat in the air and ate it.  Yes…my friend said that actually happened in front of her, her family, and other restaurant guests.

Our discussion led me to write today’s blog to prove that common sense is not as common as we would like to think.

Running a business that has a poor reputation is like a bird trying to fly without wings.  Let’s be honest, branding is everything.   Your organization’s perceived reputation is the foundation for its success or failure.  Consumers have a rightful expectation that every interaction they have with your organization will fulfill the promise that your brand has implicitly or explicitly proclaimed.

It takes years to build trust and only seconds to destroy it which is why you should do everything to protect your brand as if it is an endangered species.  Here are a couple of things to remember: Read more

All-Star Customer Service Agents

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The quality of a company’s customer care program is as good as the people who provide the service which means that customer service training is too important to be relegated to a non-essential category.

Customer service agents are the “go to” experts who answer pressing questions about your organization’s products.  Arming them with tailored training to resolve challenges with pinpoint accuracy will go miles in retaining quality clients.  In addition, on-the-job “refresher” coaching in “live” situations provide excellent teachable moments that can be journaled for future use.  Another option is to assign seasoned agents as mentors to new hires to help them perform their duties with excellence.  Many offices have this type of set up in place.

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Bright Ideas to Satisfy Your Customer 

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Customer service is the lifeblood of every organization.  Maintaining a feasible pre- and post-sale customer experience strategy will help launch team sales into first place in your company’s overall goals.  While there is no secret code on how to acquire quality customers, we know that investing time and effort to develop a plan surely helps.  Today, we’ll talk about ideas on how to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Consider this:

> Target a specific customer base who would appreciate you sending personalized video emails which, by the way, is an excellent way to give specific and detailed responses to questions and problems.

> You should know what social media outlets your clients use.  Make sure you are present on them and offering tips, suggestions, remedies, and foresight…be the thought leader in your industry.  Remember, over the last few years, channels other than the telephone has risen:  Chat – 43%, Online communities – 39% and Web self-service – 18%.

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