Yikes! They Saw Me !

Yikes!  They Saw Me !

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Caught Eating at the Cash Register


A colleague and I were between client appointments and decided to stop and buy a healthy take out meal from a fast casual restaurant.  While our orders were being prepared, we noticed that the cashier took what she probably thought was a discreet bite of food from a plate that she had under the cash register.  Since she was not ringing up a customer at the time, she probably thought that it would be okay to “sneak a bite or two”.

Best Practices in Table Etiquette

Best Practices in Table Etiquette


Proper Table Etiquette Can Seal A Business Deal

Successful business dealmaking is often clinched on the golf course, in secret, and over steak dinners.  When powerful men and women convene over a meal, it is imperative that everyone puts into action best practices especially when it comes to table etiquette.

Appropriate dining etiquette and protocol can help you seal the deal and increase your level of respect.  It can also set a precedent that paves the way for you to make important connections throughout your career.

Listed below are a few “do’s and don’ts” to consider as you prepare to chat with your business prospects over dinner.  Neither list is meant to be exhaustive so keep in mind that there is more to consider as you prepare for your dinner meeting.




Recently, while at a mall, I watched a custodian perform his job cleaning, sweeping and mopping the area where I was sitting.  The obvious spring in his movements and occasional smile told me that he enjoyed his job.  As far as I could tell, he was not wearing a bluetooth or other mechanism that would indicate he was on the phone or listening to an iPod so I was convinced that his enthusiasm was somewhat connected to his work.

As he continued with his work, I noticed how he thoroughly performed each task and reviewed his work to ensure he hit every spot, corner and surface.  The custodian provided an example of an employee who loves what he does and the results of his work proved it.

First Things First…Listen Then Sell

First Things First…Listen Then Sell

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Fulfill the Customer’s Original Request

A friend of mine recently moved his residence from one part of town to another.  The process was smooth with the exception of transferring his landline telephone number to the new residence.  After being told by his current carrier that he could retain his current telephone number, the process seemed all but impossible.

Among the many customer service technicians with whom he spoke, each seemed to be more interested in selling new services to him instead of facilitating the transfer of the number to the new residence.

Short Cuts to Customer Service? No Way !

Short Cuts to Customer Service? No Way !

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No Shortcuts in Providing Customer Service

I remember many lessons that my parents and elders taught me when I was a young girl.  One of the lessons that still resonates is, “If you are going to do something, do it right or just leave it alone”.  I quickly learned that nothing seemed to agitate them more than me doing an incomplete and half-hearted household chore; it usually meant that they would have to go behind me and perform the task from scratch which would take twice as long to complete (my incomplete performance and their time to do the job right).

When we consistently take shortcuts to providing great customer service, we do not fulfill the assignment for which customers and clients hired us so they have every right to fire us (take their business to the competitor).  When their issues/requests are unresolved and unsatisfied, some businesses have quickly learned that it is the fastest way to become infamous for being known as the business with terrible customer service.