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Picture it…Your new advertising campaign was a major success and now scores of new prospects are flocking to your website, many more are calling on the phone and visiting your brick and mortar store.  What happens now?  How were they greeted when they landed on your website or walked into your store?  Could they navigate your site with ease? What happened when they exited your brick-and-mortar store/website?  Is your team feeling overwhelmed by the new found success or did you have a plan in place?

Providing outrageously, amazing service is all about creating a process and establishing mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships.  It is not uncommon for some businesses to have clients that are far reaching generational relationships because of an initial foundation that was built on trust, competency, and exceptional service.

It’s been said over and again…focus on your tone (written, verbal, online, social media…) when talking with clients.  Your tone should adjust according to the client, the circumstance, and even the industry of your business.  Greg Ciotti, former Help Scout marketing expert, recommends using the same language your customers uses because it makes them feel at ease.  Of course, it is important to know when/how to apply this advice.

Determine the best method to measure the level of service.  You won’t know that you’re giving extraordinary service unless you accurately measure it.  Net Promoter Score (NPS) tools such as Wootric and help make this process less cumbersome.  If your business is run from a brick-and-mortar establishment, consider sending out and collecting surveys using a tool such as SurveyMonkey.

Make ‘going the extra mile’ the norm, not the exception. By doing so, you keep your business on the client’s mind as the industry leader when seeking expert advice—and in the process, you build trust and gain their loyalty.  

Foster a culture of ethical behavior not only for employees but for vendors, suppliers, contractors, and any organization with which you conduct business.  It is becoming common practice when considering contracts, many organizations will review the culture, core values, and code of ethics of firms before finalizing the deal.

The name of the service game is ‘Accommodate the Client’.  Be adventurous, don’t hesitate to change with technology as well as with your client’s tastes.  Make your firm’s ‘Wow !’ factor known on all appropriate communication platforms.  Empower your team to make essential decisions that impact internal and external clients.  Your passion and determination will result in helping your business grow to new levels.

Make it a great day…and through it all, have fun !

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