Customers Expect Enthusiasm and Interest from Businesses

Whether in a brick and mortar building, online or on the telephone, as an avid shopper, I am inclined to shop longer and buy more when I feel that the clerk takes an interest in me and my needs. It sounds like a cliche but a happy customer makes for a happy company.

Here are a couple of statistics to help make the point:

*  According to Defat Research, 55% of consumers would pay more for better customer service

*  Research by McKinsey revealed that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer interprets their treatment while shopping.

* The Peppers and Rogers Group says that 81% of companies motivate employees to treat customers fairly, and 65% provide effective tools and training to gain trust with their customers.

Marketing experts have figured out that playing the right music in the right store sets the mood for shopping and browsing. Some experts have even determined that scents and aromas will entice shoppers to buy more than they intended. That evidence coupled with properly trained employees has the potential to boost sales for the company, create happy customers and increase employee morale.

When customers have a pleasant experience, workers have a sense of accomplishment, leading to the employee’s increased happiness and enthusiasm while at work. This pattern is not a circuitous route to increased employee productivity, increased sales production and increased employee morale, it is a direct path to success that is simple to follow.

Try it today and let me know what you think. Until next time, make it a great day !

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