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The quality of a company’s customer care program is as good as the people who provide the service which means that customer service training is too important to be relegated to a non-essential category.

Customer service agents are the “go to” experts who answer pressing questions about your organization’s products.  Arming them with tailored training to resolve challenges with pinpoint accuracy will go miles in retaining quality clients.  In addition, on-the-job “refresher” coaching in “live” situations provide excellent teachable moments that can be journaled for future use.  Another option is to assign seasoned agents as mentors to new hires to help them perform their duties with excellence.  Many offices have this type of set up in place.

To help them decide who should work as a customer service agent, managers can observe how employees interact with one another.

Do they…

*have high integrity and good judgement?

*show mutual respect?

*have humility and are honest?

*value co-worker’s time?

*give credit where it’s due or take credit for work in which they did not contribute?

*get easily irritated and become argumentative?

*display an eagerness to learn?

*offer sincere apologies when mistakes are made?

If they relate well to co-workers, it stands to reason that they will do the same with clients; if not…it’s possible that more training is needed or perhaps reassigning them to a different department is in the best interest of the employee’s career.

All-stars make the difference in a company’s ability to succeed or fail.  Offering well-crafted training promotes job satisfaction, less employee turnover, and retention of key employees.

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