Ask almost any company in any industry right now if they are having difficulty finding skilled employees and/or retaining their best employees and you’ll probably get an earful of woes they are facing.

One of the ways to attract and retain excellent workers is to be loyal to them.  How, you might ask, does one make THAT happen?  Well, one way is to treat employees in the same manner that you treat your best customers/clients.  

Let’s take a closer look.   To get consumers to stay with you, it is important to:

  • Know how to connect with them (written, verbal, social media, snail mail, email…)
  • Listen to their ideas about your product/service
  • Share new product data and explain how to use it
  • Make them feel secure with your product with helpful training videos
  • Build trust  
  • Know how to create friendships that will last for generations

All of the examples listed above should be applied to your employees.  Many companies worry that if they invest time, money, and energy in developing loyal employees they will leave.  Actually, the opposite is true.  Let’s be honest, if key employees want to leave your company, they will, however, company loyalty can be the deciding factor to convince them to remain on your team and to help grow your business.

Loyal employees make a company run successfully.  Without them, you won’t have satisfied customers and you won’t experience growth.  When employees feel empowered and fulfilled  (freedom to make choices and decisions), they will be loyal to you, your company, and your customers.  They will go beyond the call of duty to perform their jobs well.

So, let’s hear for employee loyalty !!

Make it a great day and remain exceptional.

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