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Corporate gold standards empower management and employees to proactively act on situations in order to give clients uninterrupted superior service.  Believer it or not, without a balanced nutrition plan, this could become a daunting task.

A Harvard Medical School blog reported a correlation between a diet high in refined sugars and symptoms of mood disorders.   Our nutrition habits have everything to do with our mental and emotional disposition toward others.  With that said, it is reasonable to conclude that a healthful nutrition plan is a contributing factor for creating a successful customer service program.

High energy is reflected in productivity levels—whether at work, play, volunteer, vacation, worship—when we feel good, we get things done and we do them well.

High energy is required to give extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction in resolving problems, active listening, communicating online or in person.  Let’s be honest, clients appreciate seeing a “pep in our step” and truthfully, we are at our best when we feel our best.

When we feel our best, we are expressive and creative—no more sending mundane and boring promotions in weekly newsletters.  Customers want to read thought provoking messages…something to keep them engaged with your corporate brand and vision.

Bottom line: your nutrition plan and overall health has as much to do with managing your business as it does everything else in your life.

So…when creating your daily customer service plan, enjoy a handful of berries and let the energy juices flow !

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