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A number of business leaders have shared their thoughts about empowering employees to make decisions without having to first consult with management.  Studies show that giving employees the authority to make decisions will dramatically increase their confidence to carry out more serious responsibilities.

Managers have a duty to review and revise company policies and to create a culture that reduces the quagmire of documentation, verbal, and written approvals before anything gets done.

Here are a couple of reasons to make a change this year:

>  Shareholders and consumers constantly demand quality product for their time and investment.  They expect to be quickly accommodated whenever they reach out no matter the mode of communication.  Being disappointed too many times can make them look at other alternatives (your competitor) to get what they want.

>  Global competition has become and will continue to be vicious over time.  Too many organizations have not yet realized that giving employees proper training to become effective decision makers and leaders will find themselves in the shadows of their competitors.  This also has an impact on the profit margin.

Empower your employees by:

> Offering intense ongoing training that teaches them how your products and services should be used by consumers.  This will prepare them to proficiently resolve problems and to answer questions—eliminating the customer wait for a supervisor to appear and “take control of the situation”.

> Recognizing  and understanding their strengths.  Give them an opportunity to apply their skillset (gifts, talents, education, experience) to resolve problems even if at first it has to be in a “controlled” setting.

> Where possible, eliminate micromanagement.  One of the reasons to empower employees is to instill leadership qualities.  It is difficult to do that if they feel management is constantly looking over their shoulder at every turn.

> Offering compliments and rewards for their efforts and victories; doing so will boost their confidence all the more.

Aside from customers, employees are an organization’s most precious asset.  Show them that they are valued; by doing so it will inspire them to accomplish a larger purpose that will benefit all employees, consumers, and shareholders.

We want to hear from you !  Let us know how empowering employees works for your organization.

Make it a great day !

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