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The arrival of Year 2018 is a few weeks away; but if you look closely, you can see it hovering over the horizon trying to burst through for a grand entrance.  NOW is the time to shift gears and to finalize your thoughts, ideas, and plans for crafting your company’s customer service philosophy (a description of the practices of how you’ll offer unparalleled internal and external service).

“Shifting gears” means thinking differently from others…that’s what innovation is all about.  Think big…think about whether your company puts the customer first at all times.  It’s about letting your team know your expectation of EVERYONE rolling up their sleeves to work smarter and to continuously seek opportunities to improve AND create stellar customer experiences.

Consumers’ expectations are constantly changing.  Their never-ending demands for top-level quality of goods continues to reach new heights—and that’s applicable to EVERY industry.  If you are not already in a gear-shifting mode to step up personalized service, you may be left behind.

What makes your company stand out from its competitors?  Is it your high level of service?  Individualized care?  Meticulous attention to following through on situations?  Your state-of-the-art proprietary software?  If that’s the case, do you have technology in place to measure your success and to confirm its accuracy?

Also, think about taking a fresh look at your “Complete Customer Care” language handbook (aka lexicon of phrases).  Is it time for an update?  Does the language still unify ALL employees?  Does the language support the company’s mission and values?  Consider including the phrases below in your lexicon and encourage team members to create a list that is appropriate for your organization:

~ I proficiently and pleasantly respond to my customers’ expressed/implied requests

~ Because I always look for solutions before being asked, my clients know that I am proactive and that I strive to exceed their expectations on a regular basis

~ My team-building skills dismantle silos so that clients’ needs are always met on time

~ I am mindful to maintain a professional appearance…my character and conduct would never embarrass members of the Board or the executive management of my company

~ Whether the markets are up or down, my clients receive white glove customer care

~ My clients feel reassured when I tell them, “I have the solution for you”

In what direction are your gears moving? Forward? Reverse? Stagnant? Only you can answer that question but you MUST do something to make continual improvements to customer care!

“Always do more than is required of you.” ~ General George S. Patton

Make it a great day.

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