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You have the skill to dig deep and visualize how to create spectacular experiences for your clients.  You understand that great service is a form of self expression; therefore, it is vital that your team embodies the company’s reputation as they engage with clients.

It’s almost 2018 and time to reflect on the current year.  Look at what you’ve created (the value of what you offer) and see it for what it is, what it means to your client and what it reflects to the community.

What do you want the customer to take away other than the products they buy from you?  Perhaps great memories of interacting with you?  Memories connect us to everything.  Give serious thought on how to make customer experiences phenomenally memorable.

Although it may sound “off the beaten path” for this article, it is an important point that I need to make.  The internet will continue to direct how we live, work, play and shop so it is imperative to know your company’s value proposition and its selling proposition (aka unique selling point), so let’s take a look at a couple of things that I want you to think about.

Present your value proposition to the customer so that it is the first thing they see on your home page AND at every entry point on the site.  Be intentional about “wowing” your clients.  Take a close look at your site and ensure that it:

* Explains how your product/service solves their needs and improves their lives

* Reflects the value as quantifiable…if it is, are employees conversant with its merits?

* Illustrates why clients should buy from you and not your competitor

In addition, quickly solve the kinds of problems listed below and find yourself on a path that leads to continuous customer satisfaction:

* Receiving “One size fits all” treatment instead of tailored service

* Invading their personal space instead of watching from a “safe” distance

* Misunderstanding the fine line between too much and not enough communication

* Giving incorrect information about their account, i.e.,

* Distributing another customer’s account information instead of your information

* Salutation and body of letter incorrectly addresses your gender

* Having to repeat information on several company channels instead of only one channel

(Bullet # 4 happened to me more than once…I no longer have an account with the organization).

Use your “chess-like” strategy to create an extraordinary experience for your client this week.

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” ~ Sam Walton

Go out there and be LEGENDARY!

Make it a great day.

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