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Surprisingly, “free” is not the most desired word that your clients want to hear from you… “thank you for letting us serve you”, “the cable technician is running early; is ‘now’ a good time for her to stop by?”, “we will deliver your sofa on schedule”, ”tell me how I can make things better for you”, “we have inventory to completely fill your order”.

If you see a pattern here, it’s because the focus is about accommodating the consumer…when that happens, you will establish a pattern for building great relationships and becoming known as the company who gives terrific service.

Try this:  At your next staff/sales meeting, challenge your colleagues to add to the list above of what to say to customers to let them know you want to do whatever it takes to keep them happy.  The assignment should last one week (be sure to record the customers’ responses).  The following week, everyone will share the results and use that information to set a new standard to make your workplace more customer-centric rather than sales focused.  Practice the assignment at least once per month.

Establishing customer rapport is the beginning stage of gaining loyalty—without the multiple-punch reward card.  Loyalty is built on a foundation of trust, integrity, dependability, ethics and reliable goods and services.

When customers see that they are being accommodated and treated with respect, they will buy your products/services even if the competition’s prices are slightly lower.  Take a close look to determine if your website is easy to use and free of “freeze frames”.  Are the instructions to your products easy understand?  Would the consumer consider the products to be of high quality and long-lasting based on their own definition?

Listen to what your prospects and customers are telling you.  They may not communicate in your industry language so be sure to listen closely and to take quick action.

Ray Kroc said, “We provide food that customers love day after day after day.  People just want more of it.”

Let’s get busy and knock their socks off with service that will keep them coming back in droves!

Always do what’s in the client’s best interest.

Make it a great day!

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