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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Regardless of their position/title at the company, customer service heroes enjoy the challenge to make “everything right” for their clients.  They know them well enough to act on their needs before being asked; they give them a “sneak preview” of new and improved goods and services that will help them.

Customer service heroes are trailblazers who jump into the deep trenches to learn about what makes consumers “tick”.  They offer suggestions for running clients’ businesses efficiently and using key tools to make things happen.

Working that closely with consumers, it is possible to see things about them that others may not see…their best and that which is not their best.  At this vantage point, it’s a little easier to create a system to allow the client’s organization to operate more efficiently and on budget.

Customer service heroes are change agents.  They have an uncanny knack to maintain a positive temperament which affords them the opportunity to achieve monumental goals that some would say is impossible to mount much less overcome.

During my workshops, I encourage participants to bravely make history and become a change agent who understands how to identify consumer care deficiencies in their organizations—then create solutions.  I also suggest that, if they don’t already have one, construct a customer service philosophy statement that explains their corporation’s customer-centric focus (instead of a “hard sales” focus).

Athletes make history because of dominance over their foes.  You can make history because of dominance over your competition when you blaze a trail for creating continuously extraordinary service to clients.

Make it count…make it a great day.

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