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The delivery of exceptional customer service should not be viewed as a final destination but as a journey in which it continuously offers remarkable experiences for the life of the business/consumer relationship.

Simply put, people spend their hard earned money to purchase goods and services and they believe that, at the very LEAST, they should be met with more than a feeble attempt at being served.

Now over the years, the word “serve” has been undeservedly connoted inferior when, in fact, many successful organizations recognize the honor of being known as “the service people”.

For example, take a look at Nordstrom’s, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Disney,…if you have ever engaged with them, you can probably attest to the unparalleled attention to detail, proactivity, follow up and communication.  They’ve established and stick to their corporate mission, goals and core values.  They are known for “bucking the system” and inventing new ways to make consumers happy…despite the sticker shock price tags.

Recently, I took a trip to Baltimore, Maryland.  The hotel in which I stayed offered me complimentary roundtrip limousine airport service.  I did not ask for it, however, the hotel knows ME…I am a loyal client and it was their way of saying, “thank you for consistently choosing us over our competition”.

The customer experience should be thought of as a hunt for hidden treasure.  Think about how to create unique ways to surprise clients with “rock star” treatment.  Trust your instincts, use your skills and wisdom…you’ll astound yourself at how effortless it is to give clients a win-win feeling because they will (1) benefit when they buy your superior product and (2) enjoy a competent and captivating experience with every encounter.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”.

Make it a great day!

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