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Being ignored is a major annoyance that customers find exasperating — whether online, on the phone, in person—it is a sure way to push them “over the edge” and to lodge a full blown complaint.

Offering great customer service for some organizations is considered an inconvenient necessity and as such, they tend not to provide suitable ongoing training for management and staff.

Think of it this way, customers are people.  When they are made to feel invisible, disrespected or insignificant, they feel angry and satisfaction nosedives — that’s when the problems begin.

Customer service is not a department or policy; it is a philosophy to be taught to existing employees and to new hires.  It must become the corporate culture by which all employees live, understand and embrace.

An element of that philosophy is to give attention to detail to such a degree that it becomes an art form.  Perfection should resonate to such a deep level that people can actually feel it emotionally.  Many marketing studies reveal that people shop based on how they feel—their emotions drive them to purchase or not to purchase goods and services.

Also, make customers happy to engage with your business.  Stop using pressure tactics to sell or convince people to make a decision before they are ready.  Talking with them is the best way to find out what they need.  For example, if they are on your website shopping for a wrench and a hammer, by asking the right questions about what they are trying to build, you may learn that the tools they actually need are a screwdriver and a saw.  That conversation could lead them to sign up for your company’s newsletter or become eligible for VIP customer perks and…become a loyal client.

Any place that your customers or prospects come into contact with you (online, brick and mortar…) you MUST deliver a high quality experience to satisfy their needs and to exceed their expectations.  It is the right thing to do — give them the supreme service they deserve.

Make it a great day.

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