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When was the last time you took the role of your customer to see what they experience when they call your company or visit your online or brick and mortar sites?  Why not perform a customer service check up on your organization?  Start by calling your customer service line.  How many prompts did you have to follow before your question was answered or before you could speak with a “live” customer service representative?  How long did it take?  Was it a frustrating experience?

There is something called a key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the volume of calls your company receives —active calls vs. waiting calls.  This real-time metric should be shared with your customer service representatives so that they have a better understanding of their performance — and — it provides data for management so that they better understand the quality of customer service being delivered.

If there is a low call resolution rate, it probably means that:

* The customer service representatives need more training

* Previous problem resolutions were ineffective ergo compounding the existing situation

* A lack of employee communication exists between departments and/or interdepartmental systems

* There could be several unresolved issues with the product/service

* The company is unaware that another issue caused the problem (being the reason for its recurrence)

* Representatives do not fully comprehend the problem as described by the customer

* A language barrier exists

According to a survey of companies, 27% of them use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer service representative (CSR) performance.  Among other things, the score indicates the likelihood that a customer would recommend a company to a friend or colleague.

To avoid customer attrition, take preventative care by making sure EVERY employee in your organization is given ONGOING customer care training—it is the best way to expose them to the most current customer service techniques and ideas.  As a result, the consumer will have a better customer experience and the employee will be empowered to resolve problems in their first contact with the customer .

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