What better way to showcase your employees and how much customers appreciate the way they deliver amazing customer service than by creating a separate company twitter account that allows customers to sing their praises in 140 characters or less!

Creating a separate Twitter account gives customers a platform to compliment your staff on a job well done AND it completes the emotional circle of the customer experience.

So….what’s the “emotional circle of the customer experience”?

Simply put, the main ingredient in the customer experience strategy is to have an easy-to-understand and clearly defined vision that everyone in your organization can embrace and deliver to every internal and external customer.  When the vision becomes part the company culture, the result is that employees develop an emotional connection with customers—who knowingly or unknowingly make purchasing decisions based on how they feel (according to Journal of Consumer Research, more than 50% of the customer experience is based on emotion—that emotion shapes their attitudes that drive decisions to buy goods and services).

Another reason to consider establishing a “Complimentary” Twitter account is that employees respond positively to praise—it fulfills a human need that makes them feel valued (who among us doesn’t want to receive accolades every now and then?).

Ask consumers to use the hashtag #StaffAccolade or something similar.  Ask them to share their experience, identify the staff member and the department/division/location where they had the phenomenal encounter.  Place the complimentary tweet, along with the employee’s photo, on the company’s website so that he/she can be publicly congratulated and recognized.  Before long, you will notice employee morale will soar, their productivity will increase and the company profit margin will widen.

The more amazing customer experiences consumers have, the higher the likelihood they will write a complimentary tweet on your company’s special twitter account.

Employee recognition of a job well done doesn’t have to be over-the-top expensive but it must be genuine and heartfelt.

Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you.

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