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Everybody wants a winning hand in card games—let’s face it…they want to WIN not lose!!

Customers also want a winning hand.  They love it when you ask pertinent questions that help them make decisions before buying your products and services.  They want to feel good about their purchases (no buyer’s remorse!).

Successful organizations make it clear to all of their employees that they are on a winning team.  They believe in the efficacy of the customer experience and understand how to deliver exceptional service to every prospect, customer, client, co-worker, patient, student, passenger (you get the idea!!).

The team with the winning hand has an upbeat attitude which is infectious–it puts the client in a great mood.

When consumers are in a good mood, they are more likely to:

* Buy spontaneously

* Spend more time browsing on your website/brick and mortar store

* Be open to demonstrations to buy new products

* Give your company a favorable review on social media and to friends/colleagues

To make the point more clear, according to data collected by HelpScout,

* 78% of consumers don’t go through with their purchase because of poor service

* 60% of American consumers say they would try a different brand while in search of better customer service

* 70% of American consumers will spend more money to purchase a similar product from companies that offer better customer service

Another HelpScout survey found that 80% of companies believe they provide “superior” customer service and only 8% of their customers agree.  This pleads the case to use metrics to measure the level of service you provide.  Saying that your company delivers amazing service and doing it are two completely different things.

Customer service metrics help you gain a better understanding of whether or not you’re providing consumers with the service and support they desire.  Ignoring them will deprive clients of having amazing experiences and will contribute to you losing out on a tremendous amount of business.

Let’s hear it for teamwork and having THE winning hand in customer service delivery!


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