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Summertime!!!  It’s the favorite season for millions of people.

It seems that people are more cheerful when the weather is warm–the sun is bright and picnics fill the parks with laughter, food and games!  Almost everyone is wearing loud fun colors that seemingly put them in happier moods.  Some people say they are more active during the summer months so they feel less guilty about overindulging their appetites.

I say, get on board with your clients’ happy moods.  Find out more about them and their families.  Ask them if they feel they’re getting the service they deserve at your company.  If they are not, ask them to be specific about what makes them dissatisfied.  Listen with intention…then tell them how you will take steps take to improve the service AND FOLLOW UP WITH THEM within a reasonable timeframe to let them know what you and your team have done to correct the problem(s).

Take time to show your customers how to properly use the products you sell…you’d be surprised at the number of customers who don’t get the maximum use from what they buy from companies (even vehicles)!

Tell them that you want to give the same superior service and attention to their friends and colleagues and ask for a face-to-face introduction; also consider electronic introductions– they are fabulous for online businesses.

Get new customers this summer by inviting existing clients to events that you host.  Ask them to bring friends/family.

This summer, host a reception at your company’s expense for your top tier clients and extend an invitation that allows them to bring two friends/colleagues to enjoy the event.  Be prepared to give each attendee a gift.  For example, an upscale boutique recently held an event for executive women.  Each client received a silk scarf for bringing a guest and each guest received a gift card (no expiration date) to use in the boutique.

You can get new customers this summer.  You are creative enough to be in business, use that same talent and moxie to acquire quality customers and loyal fans!

Make it a great day and…Happy Summer!

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