Are you turning off your clients by asking the wrong questions? Not asking enough questions?  Are you trying to sell to everyone or have you narrowed your focus to a specific demographic?

Organizations who want to use their time and resources wisely, don’t try to sell everything to everyone.  They develop a target plan, stick to it and revise as necessary.

The best way to “hit the target” of delivering stellar customer experiences is to:

* Thoroughly analyze your products and services so that you can answer identifiable problems.  Every prospect is not a good fit for your business.

* Know your customer;  what are the demographic characteristics of your customer?

* Stop trying to “sell” to prospects and customers.  Instead, create relationships, ask questions, find out who they are and what they need.  Dialogue with them.  Engage them in thoughtful discussions.  Then use the feedback to update the way you deliver service and your customer philosophy.

* Create value added by being loyal to employees BEFORE showing loyalty to customers.  Employees who enjoy loyalty from their managers are more productive, happier, will give customers superior service and will be less inclined to take job offers from competitors—even if it is more money and better benefits.

* Be genuine as you interact with customers; don’t focus on “pushing product”.

So…what is your midyear plan for hitting the target to deliver the best service possible to your customers and clients?

Make it a great day !

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