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Few things are more beautiful than a single rose.  White roses speak of appreciation sustained by loyalty.

Any business worth its salt is in constant pursuit of loyal customers.  I believe that the best path to obtain customer loyalty is for companies first be loyal to their employees.  According to the research firm, Adobe, 47% of Americans would leave their jobs, even if it meant less pay.  Employees want security and want to be assured that their employers are faithful to them. Among other things, that faithfulness gives employees a sense of job stability and less feeling of a threat of being terminated.

When employees have that secure feeling, morale will increase and they become happy workers; we know that happy employees make for happy customers.  Happy customers experience better satisfaction which leads loyal clients who spend more, refer more and the organization’s profit margins begin to expand.

We know, of course, that it takes more than happy employees and loyal customers to create profitability but we also know that they create a steady and firm foundation.

Make it a great day!

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