The Memorial Day holiday is near!!  It is time to remember and honor the men and women who died in active U.S. military service.  Memorial Day was first known as Decoration Day; it originated after the Civil War and became an official U.S. federal holiday in 1971.

This year, make Memorial Day extraordinary by honoring living veterans and deliberately giving them excellent service.  By doing so, it will show your appreciation for their service to our great country.

Now, suppose I were to tell you that 91% of consumers will NOT return to your company after a negative experience…would that make a difference in how you and your team deliver customer service?  Make a point to clarify in the minds of your employees how, when and why they should give customers amazing experiences.  After a designated period of time, meet with them and ask how they felt when they gave amazing service.  Allow them to share with their peers; use the exercise as a teaching moment.  The activity will result in employees who feel empowered and a sense of belonging which will increase morale.

Also, tell your team that providing phenomenal experience is not AN option it is the ONLY option.

Let’s be clear, losing insight about the importance of reliable customer services is a death knell to businesses.

By year 2020, most consumers will value customer service as the deciding factor over price and product to buy from companies.  So, the LAST thing to do is to hold back on giving what customers (and employees) deserve.  Be bold and brave—give your clients service that is unmatched anywhere else.  You will become known as the leader in your industry who cares about the experience more than the sale.

Happy Memorial Day…after all, Memorial Day is more than just the last Monday in May !!

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