From the customer’s point of view, the hallmark of a successful organization is the exceptional service it gives to its customers.

Customers want to align themselves with companies who are ethical and manufacture flawless goods and services.  They want to buy from businesses that have a passion for serving the client and giving them an amazing experience with every interaction.  They want companies to resolve their complaints quickly, proficiently and to never have to make that specific complaint again…in other words, learn how to resolve the problem and prevent it from ever happening again.

From an employee’s point of view, they want to work with wise leaders who have compassion and take a personal interest in the upward mobility of their career.  They want to look forward to going to work and they want to end the day as a happy employee who likes the experience of working with an amazing organization.

In many companies, boardrooms are where policy is created and declared to be the law of the land…those same boardrooms have a critical responsibility to successfully communicate to every level of personnel the core values and mission statement of the company.  It is their responsibility to make sure that every person in the organization understand their role of how to perform their jobs with distinction.

These descriptions, by no means, fully describe the hallmarks of a successful company, however, it can be used as a template for comparison purposes.

Go out and make it a great day !

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