It’s time to dig deep, put pen to paper and come up with bright ideas.

One of the special (albeit sometimes annoying) things about children is that they ask “why”—about everything!  In their innocence, they ask questions to make sense of the world around them.  They have a natural curiosity about life; they want to form opinions about what they find fascinating or confusing.

Business leaders should KNOW their “why”.  They know WHAT they do and HOW they do it but they should ask themselves “WHY” am I in this business and WHY am I giving this level of service to my customers?”  The answers should go deeper than “to make more money”, “to get more customers” or “to crush my competition”.  Leaders must identify their purpose for the quality of customer care and experiences they deliver.

Some leaders choose to motivate employees and customers with inspiration who eventually become loyal fans and employees.

Loyalty is not easily won.  Making the mistake of striving for short term results can have a harmful impact on the long term growth of a business.   Having a loyal customer and employee base reduces costs and provides a sense of freedom.   Loyal customers will turn down a better product or a better price to continue doing business with companies who understand their “why” and know how to deliver amazing experiences.

Dig deep.  Discover your “why”.  Incorporate it into your company’s culture and enjoy the growth of your employees and your business.

Make it a great day!

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