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Delivering poor customer service on a consistent basis has short and long term effects on companies as well as the local communities in which they do business.

Short term problems appear in the form of customer complaints, decreased sales revenue, profit margin narrows, decreasing employee work hours (thereby reducing their income), and poor reviews on social media.

Long term problem:  If customer dissatisfaction persists, the business may have to permanently close its doors due to lack of sales.  The negative impact on the community is staggering because employees face permanent layoffs meaning they would lose company health care benefits for themselves and their families.  In addition, they lose the ability to sustain a level of living to which they had become accustomed, children may be pulled out of college, homes may go into foreclosure, the negative effects of unemployment can lead to familial deterioration.

The company going out of business potentially leads to a domino effect of other businesses closing in the community.

As you can see, a something as important as GIVING the BEST service to every customer every time CAN IMPROVE the fiscal health of your local community while building customer and employee relationships.

Be the best…Give the best!

Make it a great day.

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