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Isn’t it wonderful to receive first class customer service?  Whether buying services/products from an airline, movie theatre, car dealership, bank, or a restaurant, we all want memorable experiences of feeling valued and respected.  We want to get the biggest bang for our buck and expect organizations to make the best deals including giving us outstanding customer service.

If you are an entrepreneur, a mid-level manager or an executive team member, knowing how to deliver superior service to your client is tantamount to knowing how to perfect the quality of your products for the consumer.

In order to increase your profit margin, a critical point to remember is organizations that take the customer experience seriously will loom large over their competition.  According to a Walker Study, by year 2020, 89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer service not on price or product.

Also, keep in mind that consumers will continue to seek the internet for problem solving so your company’s online self-service tools MUST be current and the responses MUST be quick!

Mobile devices will be used for self-support problem resolution mostly by Millennials, however, 25% of Baby Boomers use their mobile devices also.  If they cannot get accurate and quick solutions, they will seek out your competition and do business with them and leave you.

Now is the time to look at your company’s omnichannel, FAQs and employee training programs so that you can be sure to serve up extraordinary customer experiences to every customer every time!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday and may the best team win !

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