During most of my client training sessions, someone always asks:  “What do customers REALLY want and how can we deliver it?”

A myriad of key points describe how to deliver excellent service and here are 6 critical elements to apply to give your clients the best experience that will keep them coming back to you.

Specialized and personalized service.  Companies are beginning to understand that they cannot rely on a “one-size-fits-all” approach to satisfying customer needs.  They recognize they must treat their clients like a rock star or a celebrity.   If they feel that they are not getting speedy and special attention, they will not be loyal to you and will spend their money with your competitor.

LISTEN to EVERY word when your customers talk to you.  If they perceive that you are not giving them your undivided attention, they will feel insulted and disrespected.  What faster way to lose a client than by exhibiting this type of less than professional behavior?

RESPECT YOUR CUSTOMERS.  Don’t devalue their importance; Don’t take them for granted. Don’t underestimate their intelligence.  Don’t ignore them or their family.

Smile, say “please, thank you, yes sir, yes ma’am”.  Many people remember as children being taught by their elders how to be polite and courteous.  Those mannerisms are still very much applicable in the 21st century.  You will be amazed at how far in life “please” and “thank you” will take you.  When on the telephone, smile..your smile transcends the airwaves and telephone wires!!  Your clients will “hear” your smile.

Quickly maneuver around your company’s website.  Customers will abandon a shopping cart within seconds if they cannot quickly move between screens and get to the check out with their purchases.  A whopping 78% of online shoppers will abandon their cart due to poor customer service according to The Baymard Institute.  Routinely test your site as though you are a customer so that you can find the snags that need correction.

Customize your chatbot.  Make it easy to “0” out for clients to speak to a human being to answer customer inquiries.  In today’s technological world, more companies are implementing chatbots, the “humanized” robots that are programmed to understand and speak in complete sentences when addressing customer service matters BUT they have to be customer friendly.

Honorable Mention:

Don’t transfer your client around the company in search of the right department to solve their query.  Few things are as aggravating as having contacted a company only to spend upwards of 20 minutes waiting on hold and only to be transferred to several departments and STILL not have the problem solved.

At ALL costs, ensure that your company’s FAQs are accurate AND current.  Aside from being left on hold and wasting their time, inaccurate FAQs will lead to customer attrition.

Make it a great day and give your clients stellar satisfaction !

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