Being AWOL at the Company Party is a BAD Idea

So…you’re thinking about ditching the company holiday party this year, right?  After all, you spend 8 to 10 hours a day five days a week with your colleagues and boss and that should suffice, right?  You should be able to spend your personal time with whomever you want, right?  Saying “yes” to any of those questions could haunt you and damage your career.

Before you make a decision to not show for the company festivities, make sure you understand your manager’s expectation for your presence.  You should know whether attending company events is considered an extension of your job and if absence without leave could result in disciplinary action.

Think about this:

* The expense that your employer has paid to host the party for employees and possibly clients.

* Missed opportunities to network with upper level management

* Missing out on meeting your colleagues’ spouses and building goodwill

* Not being able to expand business connections with clients

Let’s be honest, some of us LIVE for this time of year–we love to interact and engage with others.  Some of us prefer to be left alone with our private thoughts and our loved ones.  If you have a profound reason for not attending the company party, as a professional courtesy, you must give your manager advance notice in writing followed up with a face-to-face chat.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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