Now is a perfect time to show appreciation to your customers and say “thank you” for the loyalty they have shown you throughout the year.  They will remember the gesture and before you know it, your relationship will broaden.

Mail a handwritten note, send a text message, chat on social media or send a greeting card – all of which could read something like this:

~~  Hi Joyce.  I hope you and the family are enjoying the recent burst of great weather.  It was nice helping you last week.   Thank you for being an XYZ Customer.  We appreciate your business.


Matt ~~

Something as simple as this will help you and your brand earn a reputation for treating customers with dignity and respect.

If you send a holiday card, be sure the verbiage is sensitive to the customer’s religious observations (or the lack thereof).

If you include a gift card with your note, it should convey that you value the relationship—not a marketing strategy get more money out of them.  Let me explain what I mean.  If your note includes a discount coupon of 20% off of their next purchase of $75.00 or more, your intentions could be looked upon as disingenuous and they may think that you are manipulative and untrustworthy.

There is a fine line between conveying a message of promotion and appreciation.  Make sure you walk it very carefully so that your goodwill is not misinterpreted for something that would offend your client and leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Thank You and Happy Holidays !

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