It takes a lot of shifts and gears to run a successful company.  A predominant gear of any profitable business is the delivery of red carpet customer service to every customer every time.  Customers want businesses to be proactive, anticipate and fulfill their needs within a reasonable timeframe.  This statement presents a strong argument for businesses to focus on a philosophy to deliver the best service rather than a customer service policy.

The customer service philosophy is a delivery system that manages the culture of customer service, the customer experience, and employee engagement.  It provides an understanding of how to give quality service to every customer every time–internal and external.

The benefit?   Managers can train employees how to be proactive, how to anticipate customers’ needs and ultimately empower them to make on-the-spot decisions without first conferring with management.  Proper ongoing training and coaching will give employees foresight to solve customer problems/complaints before they occur.

When focus is on the delivery system of customer service, businesses will see their customers, vendors and suppliers happier, employee morale increase, and  core values implemented.

We are not suggesting that businesses do away with customer service policies; clearly there is a need for them.  However, it is important to know that customers are switching to competitors and not telling you why they don’t like your product or service.  Some view customer service polices as an interruption to the end result of why they wanted to purchase goods and services in the first place.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must understand, interpret and articulate to employees the metrics of how to deliver loyalty and service to their clients.

What philosophy does your company want to implement to better serve the client?

Make it a great day!

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