Did you notice that the picture for this blog illustrates the hammer hitting the screw and the screwdriver twisting the nail?  Using the wrong tools to complete a job is as ineffective as placing the wrong employee in the wrong position.

A significant amount of employee frustration can be avoided/eliminated by positioning the right people in the right position.  Sometimes, hiring managers have to do more with less and often rely on cross training to perform the job that needs to be done.

The cost of hiring, training, and replacing employees who should never have been hired is very costly.   So, what should you do?

The “onboarding” process begins BEFORE you hire someone.  Taking a data-driven approach will allay costly mistakes .

Some companies use a hiring assessment tool such as Career Direct that tells you whether a person is a good fit for your company based on their values, personality, and skill set to do the job for which you want to hire them.

According to Jorgen Sundberg, who heads up Link Humans in the United Kingdom, the cost of onpbarding a mid-level manager is about $240,000.  According to him, it costs about $840,000 to terminate and replace that same mid-level manager who worked for your company for over two years (he factored in compensation, benefit payments, severance pay, legal fees and other costs).

Here is the point of the matter, hiring the right person for the right job saves the company money, helps to keep management frustration to a minimum, and contributes to high employee morale.

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