We are entering the autumn season which means that some businesses have already planned  adjustments that have to be made to accommodate customers, patients, passengers and guests to ensure continued positive a experience.

During certain seasons, some businesses experience activity spurts such as hospitals and doctor offices that see more patients due to the allergy and flu season.  They understand the importance of keeping staff, patients and others updated on unexpected changes that can make the difference between providing an amazing patient experience and increased patient complaints.

Businesses should have well trained staff to be ready to assist consumers who will shop in September and October early for holiday gifts and will hunt for bargains post holiday season.  Delivering an amazing customer experience will almost assure you of return customers who will spend additional dollars for feeling valued.

Consumers also make seasonal adjustments.

During autumn, the sun sets earlier, the weather cools and some people tend to stay in their warm cozy homes to watch television and seek out in-home entertainment.

Other consumer changes include:

* Increase in taxi, limo and Uber transportation around holiday party time

* Appointments in hair and nail salon traffic increases; over $8 billion was spent in 2014

* According to credit experts, winter is a buyer’s season for home and vehicle purchases

* In certain parts of the country, home improvements/winterization, such as window replacement, are made (in preparation for the holidays, etc. which is why home repair commercials are seen year round

* During the end of the fiscal year/season, businesses tie up financial loose ends with other businesses and balance the books and finalize projections for the first quarter of the following fiscal year

The season cycle can be exceptionally short for some businesses and their business activity may be unaffected.  Others may face the prospect of longer droughts, for which they must make considerable preparation.

Through it all, organizations must take into account working capital, labor costs and efficient use of managerial and staff time…because it all boils down to providing an amazing customer experience to every customer every time !!

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