Labor Day is a holiday dedicated to picnics, end-of-summer vacations, family reunions and “off to college” celebrations.  But Americans also reflect on the hard work and contributions they have made to accommodate customers, shareholders/investors, employees, suppliers, vendors, and even volunteers for the purpose of deciding what is working well and what needs to improve–for themselves.

In talking with a sample of executives, mid-level managers, and frontline employees, I learned that some of them feel undervalued and unappreciated; in fact, some have confessed that they are miserable and often loathe the arrival of Monday mornings.

This truth lends itself to a premise of our coaching/teaching and that is, “Organizations MUST place the right person in the right position in the workplace”; doing otherwise will spell certain failure and discontent on the part of the employer AND the employee.

Studies have revealed that a great number of people are so bored with their job that the very thought of going to work makes them physically ill.

Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D., author and keynote speaker, offers incredible insight in her book, How to be Happy, Successful and Understood at Work in 30 Days.  I recently read an article she penned that offered a couple of  tips for celebrating the job you have even if you are looking for different employment such (1) as avoiding using your strengths rather than trying to compensate for your weaknesses and (2) understand what causes you stress on the job and take steps to avoid those things or handle them differently.

Dr. Brown makes it clear that your motivational needs must be met in the workplace in order to avoid boredom and the sense your skill set being wasted (wasn’t that a qualifier for being hired for the job in the first place?).

Practice Dr. Brown’s techniques on a daily basis for 30 days and let me know if you see a change in your disposition about your work.  Let’s face it, many of us spend nearly two-thirds of our waking hours at work; shouldn’t you AT LEAST enjoy what you do for a living?  Yes, you deserve to be happy at work!

It’s a brand new day…make the very best of it !

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