At some point, we have all received poor customer service and have almost come to the point to expect an unpleasant experience wherever we shop for products and services.

So, you can imagine the refreshing glee I had when friends and I recently dined at a restaurant celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday.  The entire dining experience was one that we all said we would remember for many years — from the well-lit parking lot, to the crowd management in the hostess area to the fine meal we each enjoyed.

All of the birthday dinner guests did not arrive at the same time but as people did arrive, our server, who I will call Pat, made a point to introduce herself and made them feel comfortable.  She expressed her pleasure to serve us for the evening and after asking if any of us had particular food/drink allergies, she showed genuine interest in making sure we understood the day’s appetizers and dinner specials.

We knew we had a seasoned server because Pat knew how to give us her undivided attention without “hovering” too closely to our table.

In addition to the white glove service we received, the ladies restroom was IMMACULATE…no odors, clean floors, walls, sinks, stalls and ceiling lights.  There is a traditional thought that the cleanliness of a restaurant restroom reflects the cleanliness of its kitchen.

The phrase has been said before and bears repeating…to get new customers and keep them, you MUST give your clients a five star experience every time they interact with your company and/or your website.  It is the premier way to drive repeat purchases and grow your business.

Happy Refreshing !!

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