Has this happened to you?  SCENARIO:  Joe, a customer, is furious and screaming at your employee for causing his business to incur expenses due to the late delivery of his product.  The purchase order clearly indicates that the agreed upon date and it is also clear that Joe is wrong.  Joe’s anger prevents him from seeing/hearing the facts until at last, he takes a closer look at the order and his face now is red from embarrassment instead of anger.

While it is tempting to relish in the idea of getting even with the customer and making him acknowledge his obvious mistake, there is no value in doing so.  It is not a good look for the customer, your business, your brand or to you as an individual.

To help Joe “save face”, in a calm professional manner, let him know that it is good that finally he has an understanding of the matter but to also understand the red carpet customer service culture that your business provides.  Let’s face it, he will live the the embarrassment he brought upon himself, so take the high road and continue to give him excellent service.  By doing so, you will gain the respect of your employees, colleagues, executive management, the community and shareholders.

Customers are NOT always right but you do not have to embarrass them to prove it.  I shared this advice in a Facebook blog and people found it helpful.  I hope you find it helpful too so let me know your thoughts; I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, make it a great red carpet service day !

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