If you have talked to young people or entered the world of social media, you have probably heard the phrase “Bye Felicia”.  It comes from a line in the 1995 movie, “Friday” when Felicia (Angela Means-Kaaya), who always wants to borrow from the neighbors, asks to borrow Smokey’s car (Chris Tucker).  He says no but she persists.  To dismiss her, Jones (Ice Cube) interjects “Bye Felicia” and she understands that any further persistence will NOT be tolerated so she walks away.

When you fall short of meeting client expectations, you must shift your paradigm, face your fear, anxiety and insecurity and tell all of that negativity “Bye Felicia, you have no place in my world”.  You become what you believe about yourself.  If you believe yourself to be a thought leader, draw on social media communications to connect and engage with consumers and peers and turn ideas into reality.  You will find that your actions will generate enthusiasm and serve as a springboard to improve company services and products.

Global competition is stiff!  As a leader, you must transform the unstable nonworking methodologies into energetic and innovative programs that will take your organization to the next level beyond its rivals.  You must do this without offending/upsetting your current clients who like things the way they are.

As a CEO, you have an incredible opportunity to exercise leadership by conveying to your employees, clients, vendors and volunteers, that your organization is making a new beginning to  renew your commitments to every stakeholder.  Let every customer know that you will always work with their interests at heart.

Make it a great day and happy training !!!

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