According to Gartner, customer experience will be the main battleground for competing companies over the next two years.  When you have laser beam focus on ensuring your clients enjoy the best quality, ambience, accommodation, convenience and service, your competition has little power to persuade them to leave you.

The Ritz Carlton employs a phenomenal method for providing ongoing red carpet service to all of its guests. Their credo states that they are a place where genuine care and comfort of their guests is their highest mission.

The Ritz’s credo can be applied easily to your prospects, customers and clients as they navigate your website, enter your brick and mortar facility or call your contact center…you MUST have a PLAN to help them to experience an emotional “high” that they will use as a barometer to compare all other consumer experiences.

—  a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review found that:

  • In transaction based businesses, customers who had the best experiences spent 140% more than customers who had poor experiences
  • In subscription based businesses, customers who had the best experiences had a 74%  chance of becoming a subscriber one year later; customers with a poor experience had a 43% chance of becoming a subscriber one year later

Wowing a prospect/client can be in the form of common sense; but sometimes customer service is common sense that is not so common.  Picture it:  An elderly person is at your gasoline station struggling to pump gas into their car.  The common courtesy thing to do would be for you (or your worker) to pump the gas for them and take their payment at the pump rather than watch them struggle.

Great service comes from being loyal to your employees.  If your employees have low morale, it will transcend to your customers.

Let’s hear it for WOWing your prospects and clients today !!!

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