“When did we become so casual in our attitude about the poor delivery of exceptional customer service?  Who gave you permission to stop giving our clients red carpet customer experiences?”

Those were the opening statements (questions) that an executive asked his direct reports in a recent meeting.  I cannot begin to tell you the high level of nervousness and seat twitching that permeated the room.

Apparently, a client contacted the executive and sharply criticized his organization and staff for a horrible customer experience.  That communication was followed by several other clients who shared a similar passion about less than stellar service.

Let’s face it…customers simply are not taking it anymore.  They will NOT lie down and roll over or switch their alliance to a competitor without first voicing their disdain.  They compare their customer experience across ALL industries.  The service they get at the airline is compared to the service they get at the restaurant…and they are becoming more vocal about it.

This goes back to providing ongoing red carpet customer service training to ALL levels of personnel — from the C Suite to frontline receptionists to assembly line workers.  At weekly staff/sales meetings, no less than 15 minutes should be dedicated to conversing about providing an exceptional customer experience to every customer every time.

At Elite Customer Service, we strongly advise that mandatory customer service training occur on quarterly basis for ALL levels of personnel.  It is worth the investment in money and time that you give in training your staff.  You will be glad you did !

TRUTH:  If you faithfully train your staff and exceed their expectations, they will faithfully exceed the customer’s expectations.

Happy Training !!!


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