So…you couldn’t just “let it go”.  You are a supervisor observing your employee first ignoring then giving mediocre service to a prospect who is about to walk out the door, no sale.  The scene did not settle well with you so you intervened and provided exactly what the prospect needed resulting in her becoming a customer.  Your keen proficiency created a memorable customer experience that is now connected to your company brand.

Mediocrity is the enemy of success and employee training MUST stress that on several levels.  Your staff has to get in the habit of asking themselves, “What am I doing today that will make my customer want to do business with me and NOT with my competitor?”.

Train your staff to crave the desire to be the one that others run to asking how to deliver awesome customer service!!  Explain that they must (1) understand how to identify their customer, (2) know their needs, and (3) anticipate and act on their needs and wants.  Customers are external prospects who will buy your services online and in brick-and-mortar facilities, AND they are your co-workers, C-Suite executives, board and trustee members, investors business partners, volunteers.

All aspects of your organization MUST be connected and properly aligned with the purpose to provide the optimal customer experience.

Transparency is key…let your team witness your passion for performing your job in excellence.  They will learn that passion will keep them in the game and it will contribute to the business becoming a major success.

The gauntlet has been dropped.  Be amazing, be phenomenal, be the example of leadership you want your team to follow.

Have a great day as you provide exceptional customer service !!

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