Prospects and customers take many factors into consideration as they decide with whom they will conduct business.

Your team should always be prepared to apply their expertise, skills and knowledge to everyone who might buy from your business ANDthey MUST  arrive to work on time.  Your employees should arrive to work in enough time to set up their work stations and be ready to receive customers at 9:00 a.m. or whatever the official start time may be.  Chronic employee tardiness costs businesses in the United States more than $3 billion dollars a year in lost productivity.

If you are annoyed by employee chronic tardiness, think about how your customers must feel.

Research has already established that in addition to providing exceptional products and services, timeliness is a critical element of providing a red carpet customer experience.

Customers expect on time delivery of services and products.  Few things are more aggravating than waiting on what you have already paid for not to arrive as promised and only to be met with excuses/explanations as to why you don’t have it.

Employees who are consistently late costs your business more than just lost time.  Their tardiness has a direct impact on delivering customer expectations which affects the the company’s bottom line and its reputation for opening late and slow product/service delivery.  Your vendors could be adversely impacted by receiving late payment for services rendered.

Ironically, tardiness and promptness have a domino effect on your business.  Clearly, tardiness has a dramatically negative effect that can tarnish your company’s brand and reputation.

As you train your team on up-to-date technical and product support, also provide regularly scheduled red carpet customer service training that stresses the importance of promptness on every level of work.  Your employee’s on time arrival is essential to getting the job done for which they were hired.

Do your employees embrace your company’s core values and mission?  Does the Contact Center have current information on your products and services so that customers questions can be easily answered?  Does your business have a central system used by all employees to ascertain real time data or do they have to go to different parts of the system to piece together a final answer for the internal and external customer?  In your company’s online FAQS site current?

Your red carpet customer service has to demonstrate how prompt your business is in its delivery of goods and services as well as its employees being on time to give them an amazing customer experience.



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