Customers are savvy and wise.  They have become increasingly intolerant of being ignored, undervalued, and disrespected.

Throughout my career, I have stated (nagged?) that when your employees are engaged and embrace your corporate values and mission, they will be highly effective in delivering an exceptional customer experience (to internal and external customers alike).

Elite Customer Service offers customized training and coaching on how to deliver red carpet customer service.  So, we thought it would be exciting to provide five important points to delivering an amazing customer experience.  Here they are:

#5  – Give back to the community and improve your level of community involvement.  Millennials have made it clear that they want to give their business to organizations that are connected to the community.  Keep in mind that millennials are the leading demographic in the United States — baby boomers are outnumbered.  According to the U. S. Census Bureau, as of June 14, 2015, there are 83.1 million millennials and there are 75.4 baby boomers.  Both demographics make a significant impact on sales revenue but it is important for organizations to know their customer and their expectations.

#4  – Understand how to effectively engage customers in social media and use social media to be proactive with customers.

#3  – Train your employees on how to receive customers as if your customers were walking on a red carpet to enter your facility or go online to purchase your product or service.  This will require you to give them thorough and ongoing training to ensure they are prepared, know how to answer customer questions without conferring with management.

#2  – List the feelings that you want your customer to have during all levels of engagement.  Determine how you want them to feel as they surf your website or shop online.

#1  – Create a philosophy of excellent customer service at your company…hire the right person for the right position and make sure they understand that as an employee, they have TWO jobs…(1) for the job for which they were hired and (2) providing an amazing customer service experience to every customer every time.

We invite you to give us feedback and we value your constructive opinion.  Talk to you soon !!

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